Stephanie had reached out to me, in love with my Minimal Asian Theme Wedding Folded Invitation Card with Double Happiness design. 

Front - Double Happiness Wedding Invitation

Stephanie is a Chinese Bride and her Groom, Aneel is Indian. She had shared how she loved my design of the minimal Asian-themed Wedding Invitation card and that she would love to take that design but add some Indian elements to bring both their culture into one. She trusted my judgement and creativity to make them the perfect wedding invitation. Of course, I agreed with the confidence to bring her vision to life. 

This was my first time designing a Chinese-Indian Wedding Invitation Card. My challenge was to still keep it simplistic but still including the double happiness and ganesha. One thing I knew for sure were they shared the color themes of red and gold with beautiful eccentric designs.

Chinese-Indian Wedding Invitation - Front Cover

When I think about Indian weddings, they are grand, colorful, and beautiful. One of the main features is the wedding arch. Beautifully designed and detailed. So, I chose a gold arch with tassel hanging to be the main focus for the front of the card.  Then, added a simple round double happiness in red on top and in the center of the arch the ganesha in red to match. Bride had share she like a scripted font for their names. And this was my favorite designs out of the 4 mock-ups I made for them. 

Chinese/English Invitation Text with Double Happiness + Ganesha Gold Border

Inside the card, on the left we have the invitation information in Chinese text and on the right, English text. Designed with an Indian-inspired gold border, giving it a pop and elegance with the red color. A red double happiness on the Chinese text side and Ganesha on the English text between two lucky Chinese knots. 

In the beginning they wanted to add their different ceremony celebration time, but it seem like too much for the invitation. Then, I suggested that after we had settled on their favorite design we could add a RSVP and Wedding Program together. A program that the guests can pick up on their way in, letting them know the time of each event of their big day with the other side sharing the names of the wedding party. Stephanie loved the idea. In the end we kept it simple with one ceremony time. 

Back - Invitation with wedding hash tag

Lastly, on the back of the card...I did not want to leave it blank as it look so plain and didn't tie the card together as a whole. Like many couples these days for their wedding day, they like to have a fun hash tag that combine both their last names together. I had asked Stephanie if they had one made for their big day. She had told me they did not. So, when I saw her last name was Yee and his was Deshmukh, my thought was Yee sounded like "yea" or "yay" and that's how we got "#YeeItsADeshmukhWedding"! She loved it. An overall stunning design and one of my top favorites made this year!

To more beautiful wedding designs!